About El Chipiron

Spain is an extraordinarily diverse, welcoming and vibrant country, characterized by its love for life. That description fits Austin too.

In EL CHIPIRÓN we want to bring to Austin Spain’s heart, soul and passion, to celebrate life with you. In other words, Spanish food, culture and the social institution that blends them all together, the Spanish Bar.

To do so we will present you our gastro bar where you’ll be able to enjoy our amazing tapas, specialty drinks and taste our delectable pinchos, small format high quality food displayed over the bar for your delight. Kid in a candy store feeling guaranteed.

We will also offer you our dining room where to enjoy classic Spanish dishes and delicacies created using modern cooking techniques and served with the greatest care.

We will also offer you a wide variety of events, such as cooking lessons, Spanish wine, beer and cheese tastings, Spanish cocktail making classes and more. We want to get to know our local community and show you what Spain is all about.

We are looking forward to opening our doors this Spring, and welcome you to our home, a small part of Spain in the heart of Texas.

Nos veremos muy pronto!

Pablo Gómez Tollar – Executive Chef



We are currently under construction; we are working to provide you with an enjoyable restaurant space. Check us out on our social media sites to get the latest information on the project, and opening date.


We are working hard in the kitchen too, creating a selection of dishes for you to enjoy. Check our social media links out, you’ll be able to check our progress.